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We use top of the line, high-quality paint for our Hydrographic Dip Kits and for individual purchase. Our paint is produced and canned in-house and will ensure your project is the best-quality possible.

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We use top of the line, high-quality water transfer printing Activator in the industry. It is compatible with all films on the market. All activator is ready to use and does not require mixing it. * Suggested water temperature for application: 32/33ªC (89ºF/91ªF)

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We offer a variety of high-quality films.  Our film selection includes True Timber Camo Patterns and some of the most popular films on the market

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Ready to go Pro? Get the best-quality hydro-dipping tanks and equipment available on the market at the best price!

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Visit our video section to view our selection of how-to tutorials!

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